• Who should attend
  • What should I expect
  • What to bring
  • Weather & Sun

Who should attend

Joerg’s masterclass is designed to accommodate all levels. Please note that all instruction will be done in English.

You will encounter poorly maintained roads, steep staircases, and cobblestone streets on this workshop. All participants are expected to be in reasonably good health and able to carry their own equipment while walking several hours daily without slowing down the group.

What should I expect

Expect to come away with a greater understanding of what it takes to capture a great photo. Joerg’s approach will help you determine what’s a great shot, and what’s not. Joerg’s objective is to help guide you through your approach when looking through the viewfinder. There are literally thousands of photos surrounding us at any given time. How we choose what we shoot, how we frame or compose, and how we expose, are often the deciding factors to a great photo. Joerg will also discuss the use of editing and post-processing, which done properly, can turn an ordinary image into something spectacular.

What to bring?

We require all attending photographers to bring their own cameras (and 1-2 lenses) plus support gear (memory cards, extra batteries, charger, card reader, external hard drive, power adapter, small photo bag, pocket torch, lightweight tripod) We also encourage you to bring your laptop to download your images for review & positive criticism and to edit the images in the postproduction process.

Always good to have, a light rain jacket and good shoes.


October to November- Temps 85/71 F 29/21 C Approx. Sunrise 7:26 | Sunset 7:04 (19:04)

December to March- Temps 80/63 F 26/17 C Approx. Sunrise 7:10 | Sunset 6:17 (18:17)

April to May- Temps 88/69 F 30/20 C Approx. Sunrise 6:56 | Sunset 8:00 (20:00)